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Full Moon SUPERMOON in Taurus November 14th 2016

"We are being called to come together as a people of a new time, with wise hearts and an inclusive and united vision for the future. Our strength and our unity lies in our diversity.

We have our voices, we have our creativity and we have our sensitivity. These are powerful agents for change.

The pangs of animosity and division we have been witnessing and experiencing in the outer world have been rattling. 

Know that this is our collective rattle/shaker, made from the bones of our ancestors and from the roots and crystals of the Earth. It’s awakening us, reverberating through our collective energy fields, shaking us loose from our indifference.

Let us now on this exceptional FULL MOON SuperMoon in Taurus, ground into our knowing and remember the feeling of belonging that Mother Earth offers us.

Spend time in places where the land is untouched and wild and you can align your heartbeat with that of Mother Earth. Allow her energy to soothe our souls, ground us and remind us of what is eternal and true.

We all belong. There is work ahead, but we are in this together.

We are the bridge, and we must each individually and collectively continue to work on healing the divides.

Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers. First from LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology:


“This Moon is a supermoon and is the closest the Moon has been to Earth for 68 years.

“The close proximity of our satellite seems to highlight its energies, magnifying them, so that we can get up close and personal to this tactile Taurus Moon…”

“During this Full Moon, it’s time to consider what you hold most dear, what really matters to you.

“Even with the opposing Sun in Scorpio spotlighting the profound transformation we are going through, this is a time when we can relinquish control and simply surrender to the moment, especially as the Moon is trine to Pluto.

“We’re empowered when we enjoy the present, neither mourning the past nor dreading the future.

“We’re stronger when we let go of the toxic need to be drawn into intrigues and power plays.

“This Moon is a leveller that brings us home to ourselves and our physical body. The world out there can wait says Taurus. Be patient. Reconnect with Mother Earth.

“Black Moon Lilith is conjunct the Sun which means there are still old ghosts stirring in the psyche. The Taurus Moon can see them but isn’t going to get scared off the playing field.

“This Moon knows that the more grounded we are in reality, the easier it is to deal with our fears, turning them into raw, creative potential…”

“Taurus reminds us that the Earth is abundant…make the effort to appreciate what we have. Gratitude is key to our evolution as Venus trines the North Node…”

“Gemstones and crystals are created deep within the Earth, in darkness, under pressure.

“This Full Moon in Taurus, gives us a chance to appreciate the treasures gained from difficult circumstances, the beauty that is born from the Scorpionic depths of death and despair.

“Each life trauma unearths a jewel for the rich crown of wisdom.” 


*Read more from Mystic Mama here.

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