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Group Text: Do You Have Drinking Rules?

Drinking is a hot topic around HQ. Sakara is comprised of a group of women who firmly believe in the work hard, play hard mentality, and for many of us, that means enjoying an after-work happy hour, weekend beer-becque, or Sunday morning mimosa from time to time.

But balance is easier said than done when you bring drinking into the equation and you wake up dehydrated, bloated, exhausted, and convinced that the only thing in the world that could possibly make your headache go away is dedicating your day towards eating a bacon, egg, and cheese from the deli on your couch, in the dark, re-watching old seasons of The Bachelor.

So...tell us: Do you drink? Do you set rules for yourself when it comes to drinking? Do you ever commit to periods of sobriety? And if you do indulge...do you have any tips for making it as harmless and healthy as possible?

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