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Group Text: What Does It Mean To Be A Friend?

Yesterday was national friendship day, and it really got us thinking about what it truly means to be a friend. 

In the best case scenario, friendship is a sisterhood bond that grounds us, teaches us, and shows us what it means to be loved. But we all have those friends with whom our relationship is based more on longevity than true connection to our present selves. And then there are also those friendships that include a little too much unfriendly competition, if you know what we mean...

We want to know what you think: What makes a friend? Is it someone you snap/g-chat/text/DM 18 hours out of the day? The first person you reach out to when something big happens? Or the person who knows what you're thinking without having to say a thing? Is a good friend someone who challenges you? Accepts you? Treats you like family in all-case scenarios? And is friendship eternal, or something that grows, shifts and evolves just like you do? How do you know when it's time to go your separate ways?

So, tell us! In your eyes, what constitutes a beautiful friendship? And what are the qualities of an amazing friend?

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