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How To Date Yourself

We’re nearing the end of Love, Sex, + Companionship Month-- and babe, has it been hot and heavy (if you missed some of the titillation, check here and here, please and thank you).

Here in the land of S-Life, we’ve had our mugs full of sex dust, our plates piled high with creative fuel, and our sheets tousled thanks to a clutch playlist. As we cultivate all this juicy, sexy buzziness, we have to remind ourselves--these high-vibrational feelings aren’t just for the benefit of someone else. They are equally empowering, useful and transformational for Y-O-U.

So, what do you do when you’re looking foiiiiiine and feeling yourself? Whether you’re a single Sakaralite or not, take yourself out! Even if it feels radical at first, give yourself permission to have a day that’s high on enjoyment and low on compromise of the agenda or choice of dessert. You do you, sister, and you do it well.


...if you’re in NYC

  1. Treat yourself to sheet masks and other fun beauty goodies at oo35mm on Mott Street.
  2. If you’re feeling saucy and patiently waiting for Broad City season 4, head to The Back Room for vibrant, prohibition-era ambiance.
  3. Bask in your independent woman glow at the all-pink-everything, Pietro Nolita.
  4. For an inspiration-fueled evening, head to newly opened The Wing, for workshops on making smart financial choices or facials and mani/pedis (cocktails to inevitably ensue after).


...if you’re in SF 

  1. Listen to “That’s So Retrograde” podcast, sip out of a young coconut at Dolores Park and traverse along the Mission for amazing window shopping (Paxton Gate and Gravel + Gold are a must).
  2. Head to Japantown for a treatment at the Kabuki Springs & Spa, with communal pools as well, followed by ramen and a movie at the kabuki theater.
  3. Snag a magazine (we suggest Gentlewoman or Cherry Bombe) from Juicy News and head for tapas at Mamacita in the Marina.   
  4. Arrive solo, but make fast friends at Smuggler’s Cove-- voted best rum bar in the country.


… if you’re in LA

  1. Take a guided tour of the Venice Graffiti & Street Art, and Snapchat the whole thing
  2. Stop in Sqirl for brunch and follow it up with a dose of transcendence for dessert, thanks to a Reiki healer.
  3. Order Gracias Madre to-go, and head to the beach to indulge in a dinner-for-one picnic and a front row seat to the waves, be sure to order one of their 3 Cannabidiol (CBD) cocktails while you wait...
  4. Slip into something seductive at Decades on Melrose, then order a big glass of red at AOC.

We hope the art of riding solo gives you butterflies and allows you to relish in the joy of alone time. Manifest love in all ways, Sakaralite-- especially for yourself. <3


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