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How To Transition Into A 'Clean, Green' Household

It’s Home Base month, and our collective aim is to get the dirty, clean and green. We'll be alchemizing ordinary spaces into sacred spaces  and if you're looking to transition into a green household, we've broken down the steps to tackle it one at time. With the right amount of time, and the right amount of energy, loving intention can be poured through every corner and infused into every tedious project (have you checked out what’s actually going on under your sink lately?) into a joy-inducing, spirit-infused love nest (or spice cabinet).

The first installment of our 'How to Transition Into a 'Clean, Green' Household' series? Your linens. Thank you Ariel Kaye for the inspiration. Et voila: S-Life’s 3 simple steps to clean linen bliss.

LINENS [lin-uh n-z], noun ~ Fabric household goods intended for daily use, such as bedding, tablecloths and towels. “Linens” may also refer to church linens, meaning the altar cloths used in church.


Step One: Your linen world

Do you have a linen closet, and if so, please take note on what is going on inside... The aim here is the get your linens out of every corner, closet, or basket that they’ve been jammed into and out into the wide open space for inspection, re-organization, and crisp folding. Another aim here should be to finally get your linens into one, purposeful space. Let’s get real: your bedding and blankets (even your most prized funky napkins and textiles) are some of the most sacred things you own  whether they were expensive and exotic, or Target-bought in a haste. Your linens deserve all the care that you can give, and your skin deserves the cleanest, greenest, and most non-toxic of all.

You spend about 1/3 of your life in bed, and bedtime is the time that your precious body regenerates itself, releasing about three liters of water and going through various heating and cooling cycles. Your skin and your lungs absorb what they're wrapped up in. Do you know what your sheets are made up of? If not, here's what you may want to steer clear of...

~ Fire-retardant chemicals (PBDE)

~ Formaldehyde

~ Boric acid

~ Any kind of unnatural dyes

~ Pesticides + herbicides (you read that right, these are not just reserved for food)

~ Synthetic materials, such as polyester microfiber

~ Cotton sheets labeled "Wrinkle-Free", "Easy Care", and "Permanent Press". These labels indicate the fabric has been treated with formaldehyde resin, one of the most toxic chemical fabric finishes and it’s designed not to wash out (major yikes).


Step Two: What does your sleep, and the sleep of your future guests, so desire?

Once you've weeded through the ingredients lingering in your sacred bed space, it's time to consider new, green options. If you need holistic sleepy time inspiration, Ariel and her homeware brand Parachute are overflowing with wisdom (plus a seriously yummy blanket or two). And in the event that you are choosing to amp up your linen game, look for brands that market themselves as organic as possible, and as breathable as possible.

You want to look for:

~ Oeko-Tex certified

~ Sustainably sourced

~ Natural fibers

~ Organic plant dyes

~ Percale, sateen, jersey, linen, flannel, jacquard

~ Chemical-free 

We love Parachute Home (obviously), Yo Home's selection of bamboo, Matteo's fine Italian linen, Bella Notte's natural dyes, and any velvet blanket ever by acbdna luminousAnd, in term of color, that's entirely up to you. What auras ground you and jet you into dreamland?


Step Three: The curation of the new linen world

Alright, now that you’ve consciously curated your fabrics and gone GREEN  thrown away what’s chemically infused, as well as the dusty and pilling  it’s time to store them all in one place! The key to going from a disorganized and frenetic household to a crisp, clean one is giving everything its proper space. When you’re ready for storage, place all linens into said proper place, tell them how much you love them and how thankful you are for them, close the door (or the drawer) and move onto the next!

See you next week! (Bonus preview: your cleaning products will be going to rehab. Prepare accordingly.)

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