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At Sakara, we care deeply about Mother Earth and are committed to making the right choices for the health of our clients and the environment. From the beginning, we've taken a critical eye to our food waste, packaging, and sourcing practices and looked for ways to be kind to the Earth.

One thing we’ve learned: Waste doesn’t have to end in a landfill. In fact, it can be diverted and put back into the supply chain—something we’ve accomplished with our ice pack upcycling program, which has been piloted the past year in two major Sakaralite-hubs: New York City and San Francisco.

Since June 2022 until now, not even a year later, we’ve diverted 19,400 pounds (!) of waste from landfills and put over 20,000 ice packs back into our supply chain—all possible because of our partnership with Dispatch Goods, a reverse logistics company focused on circular packaging and giving back to the Earth. And we’re just getting started. Our goal is to one day expand our upcycling program nationwide. 

Read on for how our upcycling program works, and for other steps we’re taking in terms of sustainability.


How It Works

On the day of their nutrition program delivery, Sakaralites place their previous, intact Sakara box and ice packs wherever their orders are usually delivered. Our couriers collect the box and ice packs at the same time they deliver the meals. Our partner Dispatch Goods then collects, sanitizes, and upcycles them for future use.


Committed to Mother Earth

We recognize the urgency required to protect our shared planet and ecosystems, and the role we play every day in mitigating climate change for a sustainable future. Upcycling ice packs is just one initiative of many: we partner with One Love Community Fridge and Lunch on Me to share excess produce and meals with local communities, and our ongoing sustainability efforts impact each step of our business, from sustainable sourcing standards to food scrap composting. And, if our upcycling program hasn’t hit your hometown just yet? Find tips on recycling your ice packs and packaging here.


Sustainability looks good on you, Sakaralite.




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