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S-Life Selects: In-Flight Travel Essentials

It’s summer, and it’s travel season, and that means exciting new horizons, and (hopefully) a nice new tan. So what’s a Sakaralite to do while traveling near or far, to protect herself from the blissed-out-body invaders that inevitably creep up along the way? Here are some of our all-time favorite in-flight care tips and tricks for a safe (but always sexy, because you never know who you’re going to meet...) takeoff and landing.


We swear by this guy every single day, but especially while traveling. Vitamin C is immunity boosting and a super cure for the common cold, as well as an antiviral powerhouse to ward off all suspicious bacteria (fyi, planes are full of those). This gel-consistency, bioavailable source of vitamin C is super hydrating to keep your skin, lips, and eyes moist from the inside out. The last thing you need while resting in recycled air is even more dehydration. We like to slurp this up straight from the package and chase with a bottle of water, but you could also opt to stir it through said bottled water, or tea. The taste is super mild, and dare we say, sweet.


Again, you want to keep hydrated from the inside out while jetting along, but it also helps to keep hydrated from the outside in! A spritz of rosewater every hour or so will keep your skin glowy while soaking in the cooling, hormone balancing goodness of our favorite flower  the rose. (And, we heard through the grapevine that Shiva Rose is planning on creating some travel-friendly Radiant Rosewater. We're ecstatic, to say the least). 



Save plastic while going from airport to airport, and bring your own bottle along. Fill up at every new station you need (and don’t be afraid to ask the air steward to keep filling you up). And as a bonus cleaner-water element, pop a stick of activated charcoal into your bottle for filtered water no matter where in the world (or clouds) that you are.


Forget about random airport teas once and for all  these warm cups of herbs are like a best friend's (or lover's) hug while flying high. Caffeine free and uber hydrating, Sakara detox tea boasts red rooibos to ease body aches, encourage healthy circulation, ease any mysterious stomach pains and purify the respiratory system. Also found inside: sensual rose petals, and linden flowers to soothe the nervous system and fight inflammation.



Don’t forget about that hard-working microbiome while up in the air! Feed your microbes with the same goodness that you do on land  pop a probiotic or two while flying to keep digestion and assimilation flowing smooth.


Cacao for joy-inducing energy, ashwagandha for adrenal rebalancing, plus oats and nuts and seeds for a satiating dose of plant protein power. Keep this baby in your bag, and you’ll never again think about Delta biscotti cookies mid-way there. Open this up, and watch your seat mates ooh and drool in jealousy.


Keep a pyrite crystal in your left pocket  pyrite carries a super grounding force, and is a unique protector in the way that it draws energy from the earth and up through your physical body for whole aura cleansing. Pyrite helps shield from air pollution (goodbye, recycled plane air) and eases your emotions for a calm, clear mind no matter where your feet get planted. It’s energy is immunity boosting, as it wards off contagious disease. This crystal is a non-negotiable travel companion!


Keep calm and travel on  douse your senses with nervous system soothing lavender oil. Going from place to place and atmosphere to atmosphere can be extremely aggravating on the nervous system. Between the stress of travel, and the lack of physical mobility that airplanes provide, lavender will help nourish your system back into balance. Rub a few drops on your temples, the back of your neck, hip region, and on the bottoms of your feet. You’ll be smelling like a field in Provence, even if that’s nowhere near where you’re going.


Raise your detoxification station to 30,000 feet! Chlorella is our most detoxifying friend on earth, and so by popping a couple of these tablets, you can still get your daily greens in, so to speak. Chlorella swiftly removes heavy metals like lead and mercury from the body, as well as protects from radiation (especially important when going through airport security!).

Anyone else have any favorite in-flight travel essentials that they just can’t go without?! Share in the comments below. Safe travels! xo

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