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Moon Watch: New Moon in Leo

It is a new day, a new moon, and a new chance for expression and radical self-acceptance for all things exactly as they are. Today’s new moon in Leo is awakening the deepest rooted courage within you, giving you the strength and the supported capacity to ask (roar) for what you need. Are you suddenly experiencing some stagnant energy, coming up as anger and resentment and frustration for any set-backs that the past few months have brought on? With the open and accepting energy of the moon tonight, let that shit go. Open your heart, stand up straighter, and radiate the confidence and courage that you inherently are. With the absence of a moon tonight, channel the life-giving energy of the sun — ignite your inner fire. Be a lioness.

Traits Amplified: Vibrancy, playfulness, courage, truth, acceptance, gratitude, abundance, togetherness, purpose

Questions to Ask: What long-held emotions are causing me to feel stagnant? In what ways to I need to open up? Who can I open up to, and what is my go-to love language in doing so? Is there anything that I need to come clean about and get off my chest? What is the next step I can take to get more in the flow of where I want to go? Where do my priorities lie?

What to Go For: Embrace reality — you once only dreamed of standing where you are today. Give so much gratitude for that — this is your grounding force, and this is your home. Adorn it with the creativity that flows through you in the moment, and don’t be afraid to shake things up. Stop being so afraid of change. Give your space a kind of feng shui rearranging — open up the windows and let so much light in (to your home, and to your soul).

What to Watch Out For: Be careful of veering too far on one side of masculinity or femininity, more than the other. Today is a beautiful day to practice ultimate balance between the two hemispheres. Be business you — shake the hands and make the deals. But then, be nurturing you — hold space like a feather and mother those in need of some healing. Fully feel the relief that comes with knowing that you are strong enough, and wise enough, and worthy enough of steering the ship of purpose in your own life — stop letting others that you deem as “more powerful” do it for you. Wake up, and roar.

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