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Moon Watch: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo

Whoa, double whammy night. Are you tuned into the shift in energy today? You have the ability to do so — don’t psych yourself out from being able to flow with the possibilities for radical creation that surround you (and that live within you!). You are as much a part of the creation of this world — of this entire Universe — as anything else out there. You are beautiful, you are powerful, you are worthy, and you are wise. Tonight’s new moon in Virgo plus a solar eclipse equals a wide open space for the manifestation of every single intention that you set. You may also experience a potent clarity of your individual reality — everything is as it should be.

The Sun, Moon and Earth are perfectly aligned for the first of two times this year, as we are following a similar cosmic pattern within our own Mind, Body and Spirit — over the summer, we have been opened up, spread out, swirling around aimlessly and rather fearfully. But tonight, we re-align. We re-align with a clear direction  lovingly. Eclipses also tend reveal pesky patterns that have been hiding for some time. What are you hiding from within your own inner world? Bring it to light, clear it out. Let that shit go.

Traits Amplified: Alignment, flow, manifestation, reality, integrity, discipline, awareness, clarity

Questions to Ask: What thought patterns can I re-wire, and / or completely rid of? What reality have I manifested alignment with? What negative habits do I wish to let go of tonight? What brand new positive habits do I wish to cultivate tonight? In what hours of my day can I begin to allot quality alone time? What are the specifics of the long-term project I'm ushering into physicality?

What to Go For: Get down and dirty with that passion project! Really feel into this project, or this possibility, like never before — imagine it already done. Because, essentially, it is already real. If you see it and you believe it, then so it will be. Get clear on the specifics of what you desire — write them down, speak them out… words have so much power. Also, go for compassion. Go for kindness. Go for service to others. Go for being the brightest light and most gentle being you never knew you could be. Tonight’s wide open energy invites all kinds of comfort and clarity to relationships and social dynamics. Make use of this and be your own light on this darker than usual night.

What to Watch Out For: Remember that passion project I mentioned you should totally go for? Well, take heed: don’t get too dirty or bury yourself too far down. Find a balance in cultivating, dreaming, manifesting and getting clear on what you need (not just what you want) for it to look, act, and feel like. Similarly, beware of toxic thought patterns creeping back in, or sticking around for longer than usual. Recognize those patterns and unconscious habits for what they are so that tomorrow morning, you may consciously make a change.

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