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Nightcap: Lauren Berlingeri, Co-Founder, Higher Dose

In Night Cap, we're going behind the scenes with to uncover beloved night time rituals for deep sleep, and a following day filled with crazy love + positive energy.

Lauren Berlingeri is a holistic nutritionist, sexy fitness model, and co-founder of HigherDOSE , the only full spectrum infrared sauna studios in NYC (and the reason we get a good detoxifying sweat on a daily basis). Not only is this Girl Boss taking NYC by storm with her addicting and rejuvenating sauna studios (Lady Gaga herself was just spotted in one the other week), but she also knows a thing or two when it comes to taking care of the body from top to bottom, inside out. This girl is serious about her wind down rituals. 

See below for her holistic nightcap routine for quite possibly the most radiant glow (she's got the skin to prove it).


Things you do to unwind?  

I put my essential oils on as I'm really into my apartment smelling really nice. If my boyfriends not there then I take our doggy for a walk.


Bedtime snack cravings?

Coconut yogurt, with almond butter or my home made cashew milk warmed  with ghee, coconut oil, turmeric and cinnamon.


Night time Beauty products?

The whole Biologique Recherché line!! My skin has been amazing since using this line. Top skin care secret is lots of good clean water, infrared sauna sessions after work and a cold water shower directly after. This is my ultimate skin care secret. My skin is so clear and soft it's crazy.


Do you face mask?  

Yes! I also skin brush and oil massage everyday too. Hydrating skin masks and exfoliating skin scrubs and brushes, oil massages and pampering and also a skin care line that doesn't strip skin but instead nourishes your skin's natural eco system is key!


How do you set the bedtime mood?

I make sure my apartment is clean and tidy, put on my Sonos, light candles, dim the lights and relax!!

higher dose lauren berlingeri

The must-haves on or in your nightstand? 

A sleep machine (white noise) and a glass of water.

higher dose lauren berlingeri night table


The type of sheets you can’t sleep without?  

Clean ones!!!

higher dose lauren berlingeri

What product can you not go to sleep without applying?

I love brushing my teeth and tongue scrapping. Its a must. I can't go to bed without doing it.


What are the top 5 must-do things before your off to dream land. 

  1. talk to family and relax with my boyfriend
  2. drink water (always thirsty)
  3. brush teeth and tongue scrap
  4. wash face and apply all my BR products
  5. turn my sound machine on!!!!

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