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Reducing Your Stress To Increase Your Beauty

Amanda Chantal Bacon is more than just the founder of Moon Juice. She is a badass lady boss, inspiring mother, skilled chef, devout kundalini practitioner and passionate medicinal food educator sharing her message with the world, one life-changing dust at a time.

For our partnership with Moon Juice we asked Amanda the true ways in which she tackles life's stresses in order to let her beauty (we're talking more than skin deep here) radiate from the inside out. Here is what she had to say...


"Dear S Life

Beauty should flow effortlessly from our core. It's a state of grace achieved when you reach your true potential for health and creativity. Stress is the obstacle in this natural equation, and balancing stress hormones is key for truly sustainable radiance.

Adopting a daily habit of taking adaptogenic herb blends and meditating creates a rock solid foundation that not only improves your bio-chemistry (mood, skin, hair, weight, energy), but will help slow down the aging process that is constantly printing out in your body. This daily ritual gives you the perspective to advocate daily for simple, nourishing, self-care choices.

Stress isn't just a mental state. It becomes a physical struggle that takes a visible toll and will often rob us of our self-care practices including diet, exercise and sleep.

Chronic stress, which leads to elevations of the stress hormone cortisol, can affect every system in your body, including your master control glands, the thyroid and adrenals. Cortisol is an aging hormone that leads to weight gain, depleted energy, and compromised digestion, skin and hair health.

A daily practice of taking adaptogens, like those found in the Moon Juice Beauty Dust (including organic goji, rehmannia and organic schisandra), and some form of simple meditation will work wonders by normalizing stress hormones, regulating the adrenals and slowing or reversing aging.

It's your time to shine.

With love and light,

xx Amanda"


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