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S-Life Selects: All-Natural Moisturizer Round Table

Act I: What do you look for in a moisturizer?

Lianna: What I look for in a moisturizer is something that's super hydrating, because I tend to have more dry skin. In the wintertime I love moisturizers that are thick and creamy and that really make my skin smooth and are a really nice canvas for me to put my foundation or any makeup on, and not to have any dry patches. I tend to do stuff that's heavier in the wintertime and that really feels like my skin is absorbing it right up. I love moisturizers that have SPFs in them, and for summertime I use moisturizers that aren't oil based but still on the thicker side  I've been using the Mario Badescu oil-free one with SPF 30 and it's a dream. It's thick yet light and doesn't leave my face clogged and sweaty all day.

Olivia: My skin's kind of the opposite of yours it's more on the oily side, so I look for something that's not going to be too oily and something that dries up after you put it on, and doesn't leave a residue. Overall, I'm actually pretty low maintenance with my skin, I don't do too much to it. 

Kirby: Definitely for daytime I always want some SPF, because I'm trying to be responsible. This summer I've been getting into gel moisturizers. I'm using a Neutrogena one that's light but still effective. For day, I don't like to wear really heavy coverage base makeup, so I use a tinted moisturizer with this gel moisturizer that has some sunscreen. Hyaluronic acid stuff is a really good  it's a super moisturizing ingredient to look for. Generally, especially for day cream, something simple, and not super scented.

Hannah: I feel like I had to have a special skin regimen for New York because it's very humid here and where I'm from it's very dry, so I had change my whole game up. I have kind of an oily T-Zone, but pretty dry combo skin. I like stuff that feels like it goes to the cellular level  deeply hydrates, but doesn't lay on your skin. I've heard squalene oil (from olives) is a really good oil that plays with your skin type, and smell is an important thing for me.

Gabby: I don't really know anything about skin, but the only thing that I've ever used consistently over my twenty-six years on this planet is moisturizer. I just love the feeling of it and I always feel dehydrated and dry, so I always put moisturizers on. I definitely like products that are thick and go deep and feel hydrating. Recently I'm really into skincare products that'll help shrink your pores, and I love love putting oils on my face because I love the smell of them and I love the feel. It feels very loving.

Hannah: Wait I didn't know they had moisturizers that shrunk your pores...

Gabby: That's what they say! 

Kirby: Guys, your pores can't actually shrink. But if they're 'clear' they look smaller. 

Olivia: Pores ain't doors! I read that on Well + Good.

Lianna: Kirby, you have really nice skin. 

Olivia: Yeah, you do. 

Kirby: Thanks guys! 

Hannah: Actually everyone here has really nice skin. 

Gabby: It's the Sakara glow! 


Act II: Moisturizer Analysis 

Gabby: Okay, I want to hear about everything that everyone used. Olivia, take it away.

Lianna: I already know that I am OBSESSED with Olivia’s product.

Olivia: Ok, hands off! I used the Leahlani Evening Replenishing Elixir and I was a little bit nervous about it at first, because like I said earlier, I have naturally oily skin so I didn't want to put an oily looking substance on my face. But, I ended up really liking it. It was almost like a dry oil. You put it on and you still feel like your fingers could slide around, but it felt dry. I found that I was looking forward to washing my face, which I usually don't, because I wanted to use this after. That orange smell is soooo good.

Lianna: Which ones did you have, Kirby?

Kirby: I had the One Love Skin Savior, which is one of those all-purpose balms. It smells really good. I have mixed feelings about it. Something like this, that sort of emulsifies with water when it's on your face, is really good for getting all the makeup out of your pores. It breaks everything up and really is a good deep cleanse, but it's a little bit high maintenance because it's heavy enough that you need a wash cloth with warm water, so that you don't have a bunch of it left over on your face. I liked the experience of using it, but I don't have a clean wash cloth to use every single night, so it was a little much.

The other thing about this is I think the base is coconut oil. I feel like coconut oil has a really good publicist, because I love it for a lot of things  I love eating it, I love anything that smells like coconut  but I think it's sort of been touted as this cure-all that can solve everybody's problems when the truth is it can be pore clogging for some people, and I find that my face doesn't really like it, but I do really love it for my cuticles, and any other dry skin patches! So this one I would definitely keep around for cuticles and stuff like that, but as far as a cleanser, it's probably not the best use of it for me. Again, some people who don't have a problem with coconut oil on their face would probably really like it. It does smell really, really nice. I also have another one, by Skin RemedyThis one didn't absorb so well for me. It sat on the top of my skin. I put it on my face in morning and took it off, because it gave me a yucky feeling, so not my favorite. It smells nice though.

Hannah: I felt similar to you about the One Love Skin Savior. I really love the smell and once I found out it doubled as a cleanser, that was game changer. I definitely felt I had to use it at night  it was little heavy for the day. I think a lot of that has to do with the weather right now. Maybe these dry oils are the name of the game for the summer.

Then, I used the Earth Tu Face Skin Stick and loved it. It has vetiver and geranium and just smells unbelievable. I put it on my eyebrows. I always feel like that might make them grow. I would put it on my cheeks, too. But I did feel like it was more for if you had chapped skin. That's how I felt about pretty much all these products in this roundup. They definitely work best for dry skin. 

Lianna: I've been using the Earth tu Face Skin Stick for a few years now. I just use it on my lips though. It's so good on the lips. And it's the best for kissing. I love having the look of clear gloss that goes on the outside of your lips.

Olivia: Like a greasy mouth? 

Gabby: Why do you like that? Like you smeared your face? 

Lianna: (laughs) I don't know. I love everything that gives you a dewy look. I love a glow, like a glisten.

Hannah: That stick is perfect for a dewy-look. 

Lianna: Yeah, it's almost like having upper lip sweat or something. I don't know I guess I'm into upper lip sweat.

Gabby: Okay, anyway. Mine was this May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon, which we used to sell at Sakara, but I've never actually tried it before. You have to put water on your face in order to rub it in, because it's like a dry gel if that makes sense. I loved it, but it is so greasy, like my face would shine for a very long time, which looks really nice in the moment, but I felt like it would get on my pillow. 

Lianna: I love the way it smells. It's really icy. It smells like the moon. 

Gabby: Yeah or like the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. I felt like it woke me up every time I used it, but I would only use it at night because of how..umm... 'wet' I looked after putting it on. It made me excited to wash my face every night also, because I was like, 'I get to try this new thing that feels and smells so good on my face!'

And then the other one I tried was Bee Yummy, which we also used to sell on our Clean Boutique and is like the OG of all-natural moisturizers. Lily Aldridge told us about it and she was like, 'All the super models use it. It's the hidden secret of every single supermodel.' So we ordered it and we were like, 'The models use this? This packaging?' It's not the chicest of packaging but its cute. It's really heavy and doesn't smell like anything special, but it's perfect for the winter. And it’s a hundred percent edible.

Lianna: The two that I used were the In Fiore Face Balm Concentrate and then again, the One Love Skin Saver Multitasking Wonder Balm. But, I love balms for areas of the body that tend to be dry, like your cuticles, your knuckles, your toes, your elbows. I love them more for my body than I love them for my face, because they tend to be heavier and more greasy. Also with balms, since they're solid, you have to dig in there with your fingers and I don't love that. 

Gabby: Ew I hate when it gets in your nails.

Lianna: Yeah, that's why they're better when they're a little on the melty-side, like if you leave them in the sun or in the window, they melt a little bit and it's better for application. When I used my two products, I liked the way they made my skin feel, because they're both super hydrating and that's what I look for, but it did clog. My chin can tend to get clogged up, like little clogged pores. I noticed that it did that. I don't know, but I liked it. The other thing is, when I put it on my face I was worried about putting clothes on after, because I was like, 'I'm going to get oil stains on here.' They're both really, really greasy products. They do a good job of heavily moisturizing which I guess is the goal. I'm a person that loves moisturizing my skin, especially after the shower. I love to lube up.

Hannah: I really like that note that it is about the experience of putting something on your body, because it's such a loving thing. You're putting on moisturizer as a self-love practice. It's not necessarily going to clear your skin, but it does feel like you're doing something really positive for yourself. Sounds like they all accomplished that. 


Finale: Which was your favorite?

Gabby: Okay, after sitting here, if you had to pick one to continue using what would you choose?

Lianna: I would choose the Leahlani Mahina Evening Replenishing Elixir that Olivia used. Olivia what would you choose?

Olivia: I would choose Leahlani as well.

Gabby: Yeah Leilani! Two for Leahlani!

Kirby: Since I didn't try them all it's a little tough. I know I'd use the Earth Tu Face Stick and I'm really curious about the May Lindstrom.

Hannah: I was going to say I would love to try the Bee Yummy because if all the super models are after it...I am too. Then the May Lindstrom, like you said, it's like nothing I've ever tried. And I love my Earth Tu Face Stick for the body for sure.

Gabby: I would say I'm really excited to keep using the May Lindstrom, so I think I would choose that one for my face and then Earth tu Face for my lips.

Hannah: For that upper lip sweat look.

Lianna: Gotta have that upper lip sweat.

Gabby: Exactly. It's all about the upper lip sweat.

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