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Sakara x Moon Juice: Danielle’s Sexy Playlist to Get You In The Mood

Fresh sheets, check. Flickering Le Labo candle, check. Moon Juice Sex Dust swirled into a cocktail, check. All that’s left to really set the mood for lust is a steamy playlist that hits all the right notes. In Sakara co-founder Danielle DuBoise's own words, “Sex is the ultimate expression of our ability to create as human beings. When you’re feeling sexy, you’re able to tap into that essential creative energy...and that is a very powerful thing.” Do you hear that? You’ve got vital creative impulses at your core—light them up and set them free! We’re confident these songs will help. (How do we know? Sorry, but we don’t kiss and tell...)

Our euphoric playlist runs about an hour, which is either plenty of time to do your thing, or at least enough to get you started…and we’ll let you take it from there.

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