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Shannon Vaughn, Founder of Pursoma

This mom, yogi and wellness warrior took the fundamental ancient practice of bathing, mixed in modernity and added a touch of luxury to create a brand dedicated to keeping all of us as pure as possible.


Can you please share your journey from starting Pursoma to where you are now?

Pursoma launched in 2014, however, I started using these formulations years prior to our launch. In 2008, I was dealing with a series of health issues. I wanted to feel better, but I had the intuitive feeling that that conventional medicine was not going to heal me. So, I started working with a nutritionist and homeopathic doctor who teamed up to craft a detoxification program that changed my life. I saw the effects within 60 days, which really sparked my interest in science-based detoxification. I started traveling the world to study Ayurvedic medicine and the philosophy of yoga. I was inspired and continued to explore the effects of detoxification via the skin, until I formulated the Pursoma beauty wellness treatments.


First - what IS Pursoma? We love hearing how founders describe their own companies. 

Pursoma is a beauty wellness company aimed at creating products to keep people well in the modern world. We focus on buffering the effect of urban toxicity and creating self-care products which allow people to take time for themselves and disconnect from their devices.

Pur = the French word for “pure”

Soma = a Greek term meaning “of the body”

Together, they bring to life a new definition, which is the act of purifying the body and transitioning to a better state of being. We create specially formulated treatments to keep people well in a modern world. Our therapeutic bath soaks are all 100% organic that initiate detoxification, cellular renewal, and full-body rejuvenation in 30 minutes or less. We believe that pure beauty requires a commitment to self-care: the habit of tending to our wellbeing on a mental, emotional, and physical level.


Why is detox important?

We are constantly exposed to environmental pollutants, technology, chemicals, heavy metals…and the list goes on. This exposure can lead to a toxic overload in our systems, which can negatively impact our health. Our basic functions are compromised, such as quality of sleep and our emotional state of mind. Therefore, it’s essential to rid our body of these toxins. Our bath soaks are formulated to aid in the detox process. By detoxing, you help boost your body’s immune system function, as well as improve skin quality, and overall restore balance back to your body. 


Where do you source your ingredients? Why is that important?

We source all of our primary ingredients from France -- French green clay, grey sea salt and algaes; all which are farmed sustainably through traditional, hand harvested methods. We recently introduced our Founder Sourced Ingredients initiative, which aims to revolutionize the way beauty product ingredients are sourced, formulated, and manufactured. 

I travel the world to personally source ingredients that are in our treatments, ensuring that they are always 100% pure and organic. Through my travels, I build relationships with every purveyor, farmer, and supplier involved in harvesting our raw materials to make sure they are fairly compensated. This is something that is very important to me, as I am on a mission to pave a new pathway for Pursoma and build a community of like-minded founders in order to set a new precedent for beauty product production around the globe!

Email us at founder@pursomalife.com to learn more about the FSI Initiative.


What has been the most challenging aspect of your business? 

Creating enough time! BUT, a good Pursoma bath always creates that space for me to brainstorm.


What has changed for you since becoming a mother? 

Two things—First, time management… I now have less time and more to manage!!! Second, I love kids now!!!!


What would you like to teach your daughter about healing, self-care, and the power of clean nutrition and beauty? 

I want her to know that she is her own best doctor. She needs to always be intuitive about how she eats, cares for herself, and how she cares for her body and mind.


How do you balance motherhood, family, business? 

Very carefully. I love to take care of my family to make sure they are getting what they need. I want to make sure we spend time in nature, talk to each other and are conscious about living well…. So, that takes a lot of planning.


You have an infrared sauna in the middle of your living room! Why was this a must-have for your home, how often do you use it and why do you love infrared? 

There are so many amazing benefits for an infrared sauna, such as detoxification, relaxation, pain-relief, improved circulation and skin purification. The technology of this type of sauna uses heat and light to help eliminate toxins through the skin. The act of sweating is one of the body’s most natural ways to eliminate these toxins, which is why I love it so much.

In the winter I use it five-times per week, and in the summer three-times per week. You relax and you sweat so it’s a perfect every day activity. 


What have differences have you noticed since you’ve started using it?

I think more clearly. I feel so relaxed and at the same time rejuvenated. I also do a quick series where I spend 15 minutes in the sauna, then a 60 second cold shower, then repeat. I also drink 2 liters of water in one session in the sauna. This whole process makes my skin glow.


What’s currently on your reading list? 

Disconnect by Dr. Devra Davis


What are the 3 things you never leave home without? 

  • Cell phone WITH my head set
  • Vapour au pair lip balm 
  • Credit card 


Can you share your morning/night beauty routines and favorite products?

I always take a bath at night and I use my detox tools- dry brush, Floracopeia Floral Waters, drink 1-liter of water, and use Floracopeia Immortelle Serum post-bath which makes my skin look amazing the next morning.


What are the musts-have's on your dinner plate and what are the things that you try to eliminate?

I like to eat heavy to light. The heaviest in the late morning and then a super light meal at dinner. I love soup at night time or fruit. If I am out to dinner, I love a nice salad, and then a really decadent desert - I don’t really drink so that’s my sweet spot. 


What has been the most important thing you’ve learned/taken away from your journey? 

Transition – it’s my favorite word, so when things are really hard I know that it’s only temporary, and it will transition, which is all a part of our evolving journey.

Change is wonderful thing. 


What is your legacy? What is the mark you want to leave on this world? 

That we can heal ourselves, we can overcome any trauma by creating a healthy environment to live in. In life, we must all be our own healers, and Pursoma is a vessel for me to help others find that clean and clear place to be.  




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