Aphrodisiac Food is Dirty.

Literally.  It’s dirty.  You know, it’s covered in real dirt!   What I’m into eating is food that I’ve deemed “sensual food.”  I’ve had to make this distinction quite a few times.  This category ti... View More ❯

Oh, Sugar Sugar.

Anti-sugar is the new black.  But why? Is it actually essential that everyone avoid all sugars everywhere all the time? Even the raw variation that comes in the cute little brown package? What abou... View More ❯

The Dirt on Dairy

Many people believe they are lactose intolerant because drinking milk or eating yogurt causes mild to severe discomfort and negative physical reaction - and we are all for avoiding any food that ca... View More ❯

Nourishing Soup for Pregnancy

This post is for all you pregnant women out there, and I know there are a lot right now! The most important thing for a preggers mama to do is to feed herself good, nutritious food to build a healt... View More ❯

How to Eat as the Seasons Change

Our bodies really do know best. All we have to do is learn to listen! View More ❯

Whole Grains 101

If only we knew that the diet staples from pretty much the beginning of time would be the most sought after foods amongst todays health nuts, we could have skipped a lot of crazy fad diets over the... View More ❯

Brownie Batter Oats

Similar to Sakara, I’m always trying to find new and creative ways to make a plant-based life more enjoyable. If you’ve read my blog you will know that I often make use of light humor and interesti... View More ❯

Kale + Apple + Avocado Salad

Any time, any day, any way View More ❯

Let Us Rock Your World.

We are foodies.   We are head over heels, to the core, body-and-soul in LOVE with food. We don’t just love it for its nutritional component, or its relationship to our health, or how it makes us fe... View More ❯

Superfood Spotlight: Cilantro

With all of the #cleansing the month of January brings, spotlighting our favorite toxin flushers seemed only natural. View More ❯

Dirty Thoughts: The Healing Qualities of Dirt

Recently I’ve been enjoying dirty thoughts. I spend my days in a sterile 8×10 room practicing family medicine and yet my mind is in the soil. This is because I’m discovering just how much this rich... View More ❯

The Modern Dilemma: The Era of Bad Food

An excerpt from “Yoga & Ayurveda Self-Healing and Self-Realization” by David Frawley... “Right diet is not just a question of food type but food quality. The quality of food in our culture is g... View More ❯

Superfood Showdown: Flax v. Chia v. Hemp

It seems like every week, there is a new super food that you need to run, literally run, to the store to buy. Flax seed was all the rage until chia seeds exploded onto the scene; and now hemp seed ... View More ❯

Spice Up Your Life

Most people don't realize the important role that spices play in their diets. Spices have been the central component of ancient medicinal traditions for centuries and we over at Sakara know from fi... View More ❯

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Cake with Cashew-Date Frosting

It was my birthday this past Tuesday, and after a weekend spent celebrating in the city, I welcomed a relaxed night in and a big bowl of pasta. Ever since I was little, my birthdays have been spent... View More ❯

Decadent Raw Brownie Bites

If you're like me, then you're probably aboard the breakfast-­for­-dinner ­train, solely for an excuse to eat another sweet meal. As a kid, my eating habits were far from healthy, and even though I... View More ❯

Get The Sakara Glow!

It's true - our clients have that thing. You know what we're talking about. That trim waistline, radiant skin, and shiny hair. That upright posture that exudes strength, passion, and confidence. Th... View More ❯

4 Questions To Ask The Next Time You Crave A Piece Of Cake

Have you ever felt like you needed a bag of chips or chocolate bar immediately, and you couldn't focus on anything but feeding that craving? This is typical for so many of us, but it isn't entirely... View More ❯

Is Your Healthy Food Healthy?

Did you know that the label “light” does not have to denote anything other than being lighter in color or taste? Sometimes that may also mean lighter in calories or fat. Sometimes not… Something “a... View More ❯

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