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If You're Trying to Cut the Coffee...

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Glossary: Schizandra

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Beauty Secret Shortcuts

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A Guide to Alternative Mylks

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5 Ways to Cure A Sugar Addiction

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When Mango Married Tomato: A Love Story

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Balance is the Key to Wellness? We've Got Proof.

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In Defense of the "Food-Instagram"

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The S-Life Guide to Alternative Alcohol

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What Are Aphrodisiac Foods?

Today, it is our pleasure to introduce you to the sexy power that some foods bestow  some that you may be eating every single day (especially if Sakara is your weekly jam). Those foods are the ethereal aphrodisiacs.

But, what really are aphrodisiac foods? Put most simply: they are foods that are good for good sex. Aka, they make you horny. Interested now?

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Today, it is our pleasure to introduce you to the sexy power that some foods bestow  some that... View More ❯

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