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The Experience: I Ate Hemp Chocolate

When our Hemp chocolates landed at Sakara HQ, it was like Christmas morning.

While I’m a bit too anxious of a person to indulge in cannabis (comprised primarily of THC + CBD) on a regular basis, I do lust after the idea of it. Relaxation, introspection, playtime, freedom, joy...and all without any harmful chemicals, sugars, hangovers, etc. It always seems, from afar, like the perfect way to unwind, let go, and treat myself after a long day. Unfortunately, it's just not something this fragile psyche can get behind. 

So when a beautiful glass jar of Hemp chocolates arrived on my desk, promising to help with “anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, epilepsy, inflammation, depression, and PMS, ” I as though my prayers had been answered (#thoughtstothings, baby). A little too anxious to take it at work (did I mention I’m an anxious person?), away from my boyfriend and away from my couch, I waited until I was back home to dive in for the first time.

When I got home, I set the scene: I took a quick shower, put on my pajamas, and, instead of pouring a glass of the Argentinian Malbec sitting on my wine rack, popped a pyramidal morsel of Hemp chocolate into my mouth. The taste was chocolatey and earthy all at once, pretty much what you’d expect if you were to combine cannibidiol with cacao. I chewed slowly and delicately and let the different flavors dance around my mouth and seep into my tastebuds. I closed my eyes. Took a deep breath. And [anxiously] waited.

It’s unclear to me if anything I felt in the hours following was actually something I was experiencing biochemically in my body...or entirely psychosomatic.

Was I high?

1,000% no

Was I relaxed.

1,000% yes.

Did my body feel good, heavy, and calm?

Yes, please, and thank you.

Did I miss my glass of wine?

Not even an ounce.

I felt good, I felt relaxed, I felt at ease, but no sensation was intense enough in my body or mind for me to be able to attribute it to the chocolate I had eaten, rather than the couch I was laying on or the dog cuddled by my side.

Being the dedicated investigative journalist that I am, I continued to eat Hemp chocolate for the following several weeks, and even started to experiment with eating two in one go. I ate them at work a few times when I felt my anxiety bubbling inside. I ate them before my favorite morning yoga class. I ate them before heading to the train station at 5:30 PM on a Friday. I ate them before drawing a hot bath, filling it with salt and oils, and dipping my body in inch by inch. 

The more often I ate the chocolate and the more morsels I ate in a single sitting, the more I could feel its effects seeping into my cells, relaxing my muscles, calming my nervous system, and allowing me space, quiet, and time. While the effect I have experienced thus far has certainly been mild, I'm confident to state it’s a full body relaxation effect I wouldn’t have noticed and wouldn’t have been able to access without being open to these little babies of plant power.

And that Argentinian Malbec I forwent the very first day I tried Hemp chocolate? It’s starting to collect dust in my wine rack - and that’s fine by me.

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