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The Experience: We Energetically Cleared Sakara HQ

We’re not new to the importance of energetically clearing our space. We use sage before events, palo santo when we want to bring something in, and sweetgrass in-between when we're in need of some extra grounding. But, just like how you have to deep clean those countertops, vacuum underneath that couch, and scrub the inside of that oven every now and then…you also have to dig a little deeper than usual to clear out any energetic blockages that have planted roots in your space, and are preventing you from moving forward. 

To execute our very first formal deep clearing of Sakara HQ, we decided to call in the big guns: Michael Domitrovich from Edible Spirit. Michael works with individuals and groups to help, “Free your space, your self, or your loved ones from extra-dimensional undesirables,” and after hearing him on the That’s So Retrograde podcast, we knew he was the man for the mission. 

Michael strolled in at 7:30 PM on the dot with an assistant trailing behind, and the two of them immediately began looking around, their eyes darting from corner to corner, their minds visibly racing. Within minutes, he had laid out all his goods on the table, we added our contributions, and together the altar was born: crystals galore, roses, candles, and sage on sage on sage.

We started with a little intro, circled around our co-created altar, and Michael led us through his initial impression of the space (so far so good!) and what had come to him before even stepping foot into the room: the guidance we needed, the places where we were stuck, and the mantra that would align us all on the one intention we wanted every ounce of our space to seep in and emanate out. When I say that Michael was incredibly spot on with his predictions, I mean it.

He was incredibly spot on. 

Then, the ceremony began. The ceremony officially started with a group meditation, calling in our angels and guides, and vocal repetition of the mantra we were all committed to co-creating. For the next hour or so, Michael and his assistant walked around our space and cleared every nook and cranny (literally…we had to open every single drawer in the office, so that they could access every nook and cranny) while we went through each step of the ceremony he had created.

1. We wrote down things we’ve done in the space that we want to remove from it's DNA.

2. We tore those things up and swept them into a pile (that Michael subsequently took home with him that night and burned).

3. We meditated on what NEW things we wanted to cultivate in our space.

4. One by one, we spoke aloud what we wanted to cultivate more of, placing a rose in the vase at the center of our altar.

5. We thanked our guides, we thanked each other, we thanked ourselves, and we closed the ceremony. 

Afterwards, we reconvened with our clearing masters as they brought us through, room by room, what was working and what wasn’t. Michael taught us about where our blockages were and what we had to do to bust through them (crystals, crystals, crystals). He showed us where the energy currents were flowing well, and the little things we could tweak to help the whole space flow better (a fan here, more pictures there, Black Tourmaline paint around the door frames, etc.).

More than anything, he re-connected us as a group to one singular mission, and to the physical space that holds us all every single day. 

So...do you feel like your space is blocking you from creating the things you dream of? Do you have the inkling that there are other spirits co-habitating in your space with you? Is there something just OFF energetically? Give Michael a call. 

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