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The Soundtrack to Transformation

Welcome to Week 1 of the 4-Week Transformation! For those of you not in the know, we're spending the next month establishing new healthy rituals designed with reinvention and self-discovery in mind. And we're not doing it alone—we've recruited several of the leading experts in the fitness and wellness space to provide inspiration, tools and guidance along the way.

This week it's all about moving our bodies, working up a sweat (bye bye, toxins!) and getting in touch with the old stories buried down deep that are holding us back—energetically, physically and spiritually. These songs, hand-picked by healer, teacher and fitness pro Taryn Toomey of the groundbreaking, celebrity-coveted mind/body workout THE CLASS, are the soundtrack to your catharsis.

“If you can actually get into the beat (not just in class but in actual life), of what’s occurring right now and talk to it, you change your perspective. Yeah, it’s intense because it’s change and change is intense. When you’re in change do you say, 'Oh its tough, its pain its not for me, get me out. That’s enough, I'm scared.' OR do you go, 'Woah, I’m right here in the middle of change and I have a couple of choices — I can either settle myself, I can use my voice, I can use my self to allow myself to take the strength and that applies in the physical way.'” Taryn Toomey

Want in on it? And want some of Taryn's signature soul-shaking moves in easy-to-follow gif form delivered straight to your inbox? There's still time to sign up and join the transformation starting Monday, September 19th <3 

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