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We Discovered the Fountain of Youth

Are you living your dream life, feeling ever-youthful despite the ways that the days weigh on you (and specifically, your skin tone)? Begin asking yourself what it is that brings you to a euphoric state of passion and purpose, even through menial day-to-day tasks. What does longevity and an ultimate youthfulness feel like for you? What brings you there?

We can’t answer that for you, but what we can tell you (from tried and true experience) is that longevity and youthfulness (both physically, and metaphysically) cannot come through a one-off cream or “medicinal” capsule.

Let’s be real (and a tad bit vain) here — we are, all of us, searching for the fountain of youth. We can be at peace with our bodies and minds, accepting them as they are and the inevitability of growing old and weary. But we are, all of us, undeniably seeking to preserve our youthfulness and that pre-stresses-of-real-life-GLOW. We want vibrancy, and we don't want to live in fear that every thing we do, everything we eat, and everything we drink will cause us to grow older much quicker than we’d ultimately like.

Enter: the beauty industry, and it’s many repair-it, maintain-it, and re-vamp it creams and capsules. As beautiful and as easy as it is to get wrapped up in the enticing nature of it all, what we’ve found that it comes down to, is that there is no cream, no capsule, and no potion that is ever going to fix it all for you — especially not right away. The fountain of youth does not exist outside of what is growing in your very own backyard.

I take that back: depending on where you live, you may or may not be able to eat what’s sprouting from your soil, but enter: local farmer’s markets, Whole Foods, any general produce aisle, and Sakara Life. We can very humbly state that we have discovered the fountain of youth, and it is as simple and as always freaking delicious as ANY whole, organic, unrefined and unprocessed plant-based food. Think: a daily abundance of avocado, tomato, berries, peaches and greens oh my!

Revered biochemist Earl Steadman (who was awarded the National Medal of Science, aka the highest honor for scientific achievement) was quoted as saying "Aging is a disease — the human lifespan simply reflects the free-radical damage that accumulates in cells. When enough damage accumulates, cells can't survive, they just give up."

So here’s the real deal: plant-based foods are not only connecting you to that which your ultimate youthfulness came from (the Earth — the only real home you will ever know), but they are nourishing you with that which your body was molecularly designed to consume. Here's how:

~ Plants prevent cellular damage, as well as repair and re-write DNA

Feed your genes and protect yourself from free-radicals (of which are far too common today) by eating your daily greens, plant-based fiber, and nuts + seeds. Your DNA contains all the programming to facilitate proper chemical and biological growth and daily repair. Your DNA is where fighting infection and disease, as well as aiding in normal organ and system functioning begins. Unfortunately, we damage our DNA (by eating refined, processed and highly toxic foods) of which is directly associated with quick deterioration and aging.

~ Plants provide heightened (and sustainable) energy levels

Drop the calorie mindset, and begin to experience plant-based foods as energy rather than an "ideal number" or weight on a scale. Infusing yourself with the most sustainable energy foods is ideal in order to, quite frankly, get shit done while still maintaining a youthful glow and the motivation to be fully available to adventure out with those that you love. Between the high water content, micronutrients, macronutrients and phytochemicals that live within the confines of a small piece of fruit, you are quite literally eating life  it's only natural that you will begin to feel like it.

~ Plants nourish the bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles

Truth: our earliest ancestors didn't need to drink milk, and they certainly didn't worry about calcium, and yet they ran and jumped and climbed faster + quicker than any of us naturally do today. When eating a vast majority of fruits and vegetables high in vitamin K, calcium, potassium, and boron, then we certainly don't need dairy and meat to age with flexibility.

~ Plants work symbiotically in your body for nutrient absorption and daily detoxification powers

When you're not crowding your digestive system with toxic ingredients, the body can do what it was designed to do: completely absorb, break down, and excrete (aka detox) out what doesn't presently need to be used. Give your system what it was made to make use of, and it will age gracefully for you.

~ Plants nourish the endocrine system, therefore balancing hormones as we grow

All foods significantly impact your endocrine system, due to their phytoestrogen contents. Phytoestrogens are the plant chemicals that carry a similar structure to estrogen in the body, and thus, behave similarly to estrogen in the body. And since we know that excess estrogen leads to early menopause (for women) and early skin aging (for both men and women), we must nourish our thyroid to secrete natural hormones as we grow. 

~ Plants sharpen the mind and retain brain health

A new study in Neurology found that eating a plant-based diet is the best way to preserve memory and nourish neurons. The study showed that the healthiest eaters were 24% less likely to have cognitive decline, and those with the worst diets were most likely to have cognitive decline.


Still want to learn more?! The China Study is where it's at. Did this make you hungry for some fountain of youth nutrition? Sakara Life is where it's at.

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