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Your 5 Step Cure For Any Hangover

Raise your hand if you’ve ever asked the Internet what to do about your hangover, especially after a long Halloween weekend... Anyone else feeling it today?

When you feel like nothing can save you, there are a few things that actually can.

Here are 5 tried, tested and doctor-recommended hangover cures:


1. Ingest Protein

The mistake people make when hungover is to turn to carbs. But to really get your body detoxing, your blood sugar balanced, and your metabolism revved, stick to protein and healthy fat. A very important and often neglected part of detoxification called phase 2 liver detoxification, requires amino acids to work properly. Amino acids are protein molecules, found in protein foods – eggs, beans, meat, fish, or easiest of all – a vegan protein shake.


2. Take B-vitamins

Methylated-B-vitamins jump-start your liver into propelling all of that acetaldehyde, the toxic metabolite of alcohol, out of your system, through phase 1 liver detoxification. The Parsley Health Rebuild shake contains them, but we give our liver extra love by taking a high-quality multi-vitamin and mineral called Phyto-multi.


3. Drink Turmeric Water

Water alone won’t do the trick. If your gut is inflamed from the booze overload the night before, you need to boost absorption with the help of lemon juice, a spoon of raw honey, and fresh grated ginger. Make a big pot with hot water, let it steep, strain it out, cool and sip all day. The turmeric is anti-inflammatory, the ginger soothing to the gut, and the lemon/lime/honey packed with electrolytes that will move water into your system faster that water alone.


4. Get A Massage

A massage is a way to let go passively, which is often exactly what’s needed when you’re overburdened with toxins. A hangover often comes not just with physical pain, but also psychic pain – a weird merry-go-round of guilt, “shoulds,” and negativity that is as irrational as it is all-consuming. A full-body, back or even just foot massage will give you the mind-body release you need, increase circulation and help drain out the toxins.

You deserve a better doctor.


5. Soak In Epsom Salts

Having a hot soak can be a big relief for a pounding head and an aching bod, but adding epsom salts gives you a magnesium + sulphur boost. These nutrients are absorbed though your skin while you soak, promoting not just relaxation (Magnesium is nature’s anti-anxiety drug) and sulphur is essential for phase 2 liver detoxification (Tip: cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and brussels sprouts contain good levels of sulfur too)

Aim for 15-20 mins and keep it as hot as you can – the sweating will help you detoxify. After your soak, lie down for about 20 mins and drink enough cold lemon water, or leftover Turmeric tea.


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