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The At-Home Facial You Need To Know

Is it SKIN WEEK at Sakara? Yes and no. 

In a climate that is centered around the idea of 'new year, new you, sky's the limit, this is your year', it's hard not to think about the first thing the world sees when you walk in the door: your skin. 

While the clarity, texture, and glow of your skin are determined by the health of your gut (and things like eating your water, probiotics, and a healthy variety of plant based foods), there are several supplemental treatments, practices, and products that can take that glow to the next level - and we've tried them all. Microcurrent facials with Shamara Bondaroff are one of our go-to's for complete game-changers when it comes to our skin, but what about those months you have no time, she's booked solid, or, ahem, you don't live in NYC? 

Meet the Ziip

The Ziip is a beautiful device designed to harness the power of tiny electrical currents to help your skin cells communicate with one another and repair themselves for the clearest, dewy-est, glowiest you. It's like a mini self-administered microcurrent facial, on your own time, and on your own couch. 

Have a million is-this-too-good-to-be-true questions? We did too, so we asked beloved aesthetician in the beauty world and creator of the Ziip, Melanie Simon, our top five. 

1. In very basic terms, what does the Ziip do?

It provides energy for the skin. The exact types of energetic vibrations that healthy youthful skin received regularly. Most people have realistic skin wishes: they don't want to look 15 at 60. But they absolutely do not want to look tired and sagging. Ziip invigorates the skin,  in a way only energy can. This goes beyond any kind of topical you could put on your skin or any kind of damaging laser treatment. This works with the body to donate energy and electricity and vibrancy to the skin to make it look alive again.


2. How does the conductive gel work?

The gel is developed to pull energy into the skin. It makes the skin highly conductive so that these unique vibrations of energy saturate the lower levels of the skin. It also contains high concentrations of active ingredients so it functions as an antiaging treatment and a smooth layer to use your ZIIP upon.

3. Is there a difference between going to a facialist for a microcurrent facial and using the Ziip?

YES. I see my clients as their facialist on a regular basis and they also use ZIIP. The thing about microcurrent is that it creates ATP within your skin which allows you to synthesize more collagen and elastin. A professional will help to stimulate a lot of ATP in your skin. Unfortunately ATP cannot be stored. So whatever is not used, is discarded by the body. By using your ZIIP every other day you're constantly creating more ATP. This way, you can consistently create more collagen and elastin.


4. What results do clients see?

The texture of the skin becomes very smooth, the look of the skin very bright and vibrant. People say they feel "lit from within". Noticeable benefits also include reversed signs of aging, decreased on-set acne, youthful eyes and radiant texture. 

5. What are other things you swear by to enhance the skin?

P50 by Biologique Recherché is my favorite!


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