The Gift of Glow

The Gift of Glow

Sakara Subscription

  • The ultimate Sakara gift for friends and loved ones
  • Includes a gift card for three days of our life-transforming signature meal delivery program including Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Also includes a 30-day supply of Sakara’s best-selling Beauty Chocolates—clinically proven to improve skin in two weeks with a plant-based collagen alternative
  • Ready for gifting in a limited-edition floral pouch

Gift Card for a Three-Day Sakara Meal Program:

  • The Sakara Life Signature Meal Program is based on a whole food, plant-rich diet, full of hydrating product and nutrient-dense superfoods. Learn more about the Sakara Life Signature Meal Program, or view next week's menu.

Beauty Chocolates:

  • Ceramosides™ Phytoceramides: Plant-based, gluten-free ceramides blend derived from wheat (gluten-free) and clinically proven to improve skin
  • Raw Dark Cacao: A potent source of age-defying antioxidants
  • Coconut Sugar: A low-glycemic, natural and unrefined sweetener



Sakara’s Signature Nutrition Program brings life-transforming, plant-rich super meals to your door, fresh and ready to eat. Our meals are crafted by chefs using the freshest seasonal and organic ingredients of the highest quality.

Clients see and feel the results in as little as one week:

  • Improved Digestion
  • Reduced Bloat
  • Weight Loss
  • More Energy
  • Better Focus
  • Clearer Skin



The most delicious step in your skincare routine. Beauty Chocolates bring new ceramides to the skin cells via the bloodstream, helping the complexion retain moisture, smoothing wrinkles, and protecting collagen. This Sakara Life best-seller is clinically proven to enhance skin in two weeks with daily use.

Voted #1 beauty supplement of 2018 by CEW.

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