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Why Do We Need Ionic Minerals?

[Why Do We Need Ionic Minerals?] Hero Image

At Sakara, we lay the foundation of optimal nutrition so that you can go out and live your best, most vibrant life.

By Alexa Bokman

Feb 21, 2018

This means eating in a way that returns to nature, and to the foods that mother earth has provided to nurture us. Luckily, we've got our trusted organic farm partners and dedicated chefs to make this easy and delicious. The same goes for the meticulous team harvesting minerals from the Great Salt Lake in Utah, for our Beauty + Detox Water Drops, an integral part of the Sakara Life program.

Conventionally grown produce has lower vitamin + mineral count (due to the depletion of minerals in the soil from industrialized agriculture) and water from the tap, or even bottled, filtered water is similarly depleted and contaminated. Where eating organic produce ensures more vibrant produce, free of toxicity, similarly our water drops help restore and elevate the mineral content of the water you consume on a daily basis, with the added bonus of beauty boosters (including zinc and silica) and detoxification support (from green chlorophyll).

Before urban life, plumbing infrastructures, and city filtration systems, we would get our water from pristine rivers and lakes that were naturally purified and supplemented by the rocks over which they traveled and the clay beds where they collected. While we do get some minerals from our food, we evolved depending on our water to provide 70% of our absorbable mineral intake.

Absorbability is key, and is why our water drops are so effective. The mineral solution in our drops are in their naturally occurring ionic state - they are in perfect electrical balance with one another and the same formulation that we'd find if drinking from that pristine mountain spring.

The minerals work synergistically, together creating an environment of alkalization, hydration, PH balance, and appropriate absorption. You can observe the entourage effect, where various minerals increase the absorbability of another. Iron and molybdenum, for example, work in tandem: without the latter, our bodies aren't able to mobilize iron stores, which is vital in carrying oxygen to the blood and cells.

When we ingest a perfectly balanced solution of ionic state minerals, including naturally occurring micro amounts of heavy metals picked as the snowpack melt makes its passage down the mountain rocks, we introduce a balanced solution that helps attract excess and flush it from the body. The levels of these metals components are far below that deemed safe by the EPA (a more stringent measure even than that of the FDA), and less than even what is found naturally occurring in the seeds of an organic berry, a baked potato, or oats - and yes, there are natural sources of mercury, fluoride, and arsenic in each of those items respectively.

The issues with heavy metal build-up arise when an element is introduced in isolation due to man-made byproducts that we are exposed to through pollution, pesticides, and modern life in general. A remedy is consuming a balanced, ionic-state solution of minerals as found in nature and our water drop kits, which will act in conjunction with accompanying minerals, helping to electrically attract and flush excess heavy metal build-up from the body. In a balanced state, the mineral solution will work to maintain this balance, thus flushing excess from the body.

You'll see and feel the benefits of using our water drops to "re-wild" your water; mineral supplementation supports the metabolism, digestive functions and regularity, ensures body oxygenation, provides electrolytes, and hydrates the cells for optimal functionality.

Just like any part of the Sakara Life, incorporating the Beauty + Detox Water Drops into your routine as a daily ritual is an easy way to give your body the love it deserves and the tools it needs to keep you healthy and vibrant.


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