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Rites of Passage for 2016 by Astrologer Rebecca Gordon

*Rebecca Gordon is an astrologer, author, columnist, adventure traveler and founder of the My Path Astrology school in NYC. 

That’s it. It’s all yours - the belt buckle. Here in earth school, it’s been a tough 5 year Phd program.

Around this time of the new calendar year, we like to take a little retrospective of the last year; we choose to leave the messy stuff behind and proclaim our bright intentions for earths’ next spin around our star, the Sun. We hope to learn our lessons well to enter into the next calendar year with a lighter load, yet more wisdom under our belts (though now it appears you've earned a Scorpio belt buckle within these last 5 years of um…deep catharsis, perhaps).

Let’s spin the zoom lens out for a moment -- it seems that this year (2016) is a more prolific rite of passage because it is punctuating a cycle of the last 5 years.  So let’s collectively take a retrospective of the last 5 years, from 2011 to 2016. Why not? Indulge me - let’s see what we get here.

I believe that each one of us has learned a valuable, albeit challenging, personal lesson and likely you have had to slay a few dragons and sacrifice your cozy closed safe space in favor of a bigger purpose / bigger picture.

I also believe that each of us has gone through some intense self-study here in earth school which you may not have initially signed up for -- like the school board just decided this for everyone, and there could be some PTSD we are all dealing with on some level from that. Cosmic currents affect everyone on the planet in similar ways: we are all in this together.

If you have made it this far and you are able to tell your story with a few laughs (or even without), you are likely now a teacher in a way that you would have never imagined prior to this last 5 year induction.

Even if you do not stand in front of students, your personal journey over the last 5 years has likely showed you one core lesson that is now perhaps your greatest gift. Get to know what that is. Take a moment here to write that down. You may write your 5 year story: what have you learned in the Pluto square Uranus cycle? And what is your main teaching? What do you wish to share with others? Too often, we do not step back enough to see our journey. We watch it as if we were watching a movie. Write down what appears here for you.

This has been an era of expedited (r)evolutions, both in our world stage as well as in our own personal ecosystems. Even if you are not a refugee or living in a warzone, there was likely still a theme of trials where inner (r)evolution was and still is essential. Things have been broken down and awoken within us, and it’s likely not the easy stuff. Also, Pluto and Uranus do not really care about your comfort level...the focus is on evolution here and how you will co-create with this wave that is forming our future.

The gods of revolution battle within us -- our cells -- our DNA -- our endocrine system (Pluto) come into a conflict with the recent rapid fire of the nervous system (Uranus). For many people, there have been a lot of health issues over the last 5 years as our very physical bodies are also trying to acclimate to the macro changes here in the solar system. Whether it was adrenal fatigue, skin symptoms, auto-immune or new allergies, the body as well as the psyche and emotions have been pressed into a corner where you had the choice to shrink or shape shift into brand new superhero form with more than a new tattoo.

So how is your 5 year retrospective going ? I am writing my own here and would love to hear your stories. It is increasingly important to share stories like this. I feel we are so lucky to have the lens of astrology to put all these things into elegant patterns. Though knowing the pattern still does not exempt us from them. However astrology does bring in that cosmic perspective zoom lens, which is healing in itself.

So hats off to you and your journey of the last 5 years! Scorpion belt buckles for all! It is clearly not over, though, it is a fine time for acknowledging your growth and how far you have come.

Maybe this Pluto Uranus cycle has pried open the pieces and now there is simply a recognition that we have a long journey ahead. The good news is, the snowy Christmas ball has been shaken up, and much of what laid dormant is now is in the air and can be addressed so we may address our life with radical honesty and transparency. And that is a beautiful thing. We can learn so much from each other.

If you want to learn about what’s in store for the New Year in 2016, Rebecca will be hosting The Astrology of 2016 event on Jan. 21, in NYC. If you are unable to attend, there will be an audio version made available later! 

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    “Rites of Passage for 2016 by Astrologer Rebecca Gordon”
  • eileen says:

    The last 5 years have been crazy to say the least. Spent a great deal of time energy love and money keeping my granddaughter safe and her mother , my daughter,I from sliding into a drug induced insanity. My son was released after 10 years in prison . He is so smart yet he never learns. Son moon Virgo Gemini rising. Daughter sun moon Taurus Libra rising. Youngest son doing the best but he has issues sun Aires moon Leo cancer rising. My granddaughter 6 sun Aires moon leo. All vet y strong wills , personalities tempers. Me sun rising cancer , moon taurus. ,mercury leo , mars scorpio. I am like no one else. Have learned can’t save those who aren’t ready but it is ok to save myself and 2 granddaughters because they are little kids and I can’t live with another choice. Anyway could write five books with my experiences. Hope this helps. May you be surrounded by light and love.

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