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4 Non-Toxic Tampon Brands You Should Know (excluding the ones above...)

The other night, I was rifling through Netflix and settled into one of my favorites, Clueless. Its long list of classic quips are punctuated with Alicia Silverstone’s enviable pout, fluffy scrunchies and amazing use of yellow plaid-- but hands down one of my favorite moments is her totally valid explanation for being late to Mr.Hall’s class: she was surfing the crimson wave and had to haul ass to the ladies! The turn of phrase mixed with her unrelenting confidence changed the dialogue of periods from taboo to 90s cool.

We’ve been working hard to make that time of the month a ritual, a sacred blessing, a moment for heightened femininity. (Not convinced? Deep-dive with our own monthly gift, Alisa Vitti, who shines a light on the power of our hormones here, hereand here.) Now that we’re finally embracing all that we’ve got, it’s important you know how many tampon companies are also playing catch-up-- but their learning curve is a lot more detrimental to our sexy sanctuaries.

We know the benefits range from cellular to global when we make a habit of eating local, organic and non-GMO produce -- but did you realize the havoc unregulated ingredients in conventional tampons could be wreaking on your vaginal microbiome?? Things like pesticides, bleach, synthetic musks, GMOs, and phthalates could be messing with delicate endocrine balance, sex drive and risk for infection and even infertility. It’s important to tend to our yonis especially, because the membrane is more sensitive and tissues more permeable, making chemicals and toxins that much more harmful when they enter our space.

Bottom line: the pads/tampons/underwear we use for one week every month (for years of our lives) should be as efficient, beautiful and health conscientious as possible. They need to make us feel confident and allow for us to live life at high performance (not necessarily playing-tennis-and-laughing-in-all-white perfect, but pretty close!).

Here’s a breakdown of some of the power players in the pad & tampon game right now-- as well as a full understanding of the traditional “diva cup,” a sustainable and yoni-loving choice for many a busy babe.


According to Cora’s website, women use 10,000 tampons in a lifetime-- so the decision to choose a brand that doesn’t negatively impact our health should be a major priority. This 100% organic tampon is chic and understands the modern woman; ergo, the tampons are delivered to your home every three months and come in a sleek, black vegan clutch. You can even customize your absorbency! Choose these for a #fearlessperiod.


Started by 2 besties (sound familiar?), Lola began because two women wanted to help other ladies make informed decisions with their bodies. Everything about the experience with Lola is custom-- from the number of annual deliveries, to number of tampons per box and how many “heavy duty” ones you need per cycle. Genius!


If you’re in NYC, you may be familiar with this brand’s subway ads featuring an intriguing and modern art aesthetic, but Thinx isn’t just changing the game on the streets (or below them); they’ve also revolutionized the period toolkit. Thinx is moisture-wicking underwear that was invented after the founder’s sister, who is a surgeon, couldn’t leave a 12-hour procedure to change her tampon. The seamless pair comes in thong, hiphugger, high-waisted, boyshort and bikini styles, and are a chic + holistic alternative to the age-old pad dilemma. They’re reusable, black, and their She-E-O (their words) is a total badass. It’s a win on all fronts.

Diva Cup

Even though some may be turned off by the name, the DivaCup serves as an amazing alternative to most standard feminine hygiene products. If you’re ready to experience a sustainable, odorless and worry-free (for 12 hours) period, then it might be time to invest in a menstrual cup. The cup still carries a bit of stigma because of its reusability and the fact that it’s a bell-shaped tool that you have to essentially “pour out,” but when you educate yourself a little more on the protocol it alleviates that ick factor and proves to be an awesome tool to be fully in touch with your V-type (our guru, Vitti is here to explain about that one.)

And to those other companies that are continuing to sneak carcinogens, dioxins, and laminates in our feminine hygiene products, we’ve got 2 words: As if!

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