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Your 24-Hour Post-Vacation Reset Strategy

Do you like piña coladas?

The answer is, *definitely* on vacation. While you’ve been joyfully basking in all the splendor of summer, you may have pushed the limits in fashion, food, friends and adventure. And we’re all for it! We’re of the persuasion to enliven these breaks from routine with all the stuff that makes you feel special (and sexy). We’re also big believers in that you are what you do most often, so when you start to feel all those signs of sluggishness and bloat from unplugging your body’s intuition, it’s time to retreat to home base.

Let’s discover some strategies for THE DAY AFTER, to help you efficiently escape any post-vacation funk.

Heal Your: Nervous System ~

You may have daydreams of toting multiple umbrella drinks-in-hand, but it’s important that your reality bring just as much peace of mind to your nervous system. Your nervous system is broken down into 3 categories: the PNS (which is all about rest and repair and immune function); the SNS (the “flight or fight” syndrome hangs here, and utilizes a lot of nutrients and hormones when active); and the ENS (aka the “abdominal brain”, connected to the endocrine system and the central limbic system). After an unforgettable vacation, it’s important to nurse all three of these areas, and most importantly, to create space for the PNS to flourish. We love visualization exercises, deep, belly breathing and meditation for giving gratitude for your bodily health, which directly takes care of your soul.

Heal Your: Endocrine System ~

Maybe your vacay was on a secluded, tropical island; maybe you gave the city life a whirl. Wherever you spent your hot summer nights, there may have been environmental toxins in the air, in the water, or in your food. Though this does not mean you should stay put! Travel and see the world, please! But it may mean that you’re dealing with a little excess estrogen, which if neglected, can wreak havoc on your thyroid, testosterone and progesterone levels. To deter you away from being estrogen dominant, we suggest taking care of your microbiome. Fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut and kefir are all excellent additions to all of your healthy home-cooking. Need to know more about the microbiome? Check here we’re kinda obsessed.

Heal Your: Liver~

The liver is at once the most resilient and the most sensitive of our organs, and supporting its elimination functions everyday will set you up for ~CrAzY~ success. That means populating your plate with plenty of fiber and water (by way of greens + sulfur-rich veggies). It also means experimenting with vitamins and tinctures that bring an added element of “this, not that” clarity to your discerning + detoxifying liver. During times of excess, we love to turn to Oil of Oregano. Oil of Oregano is nature’s spicy answer to your hangover woes. It’s antifungal and antiviral, a master combo for combatting any digestive upset or parasitic bacteria from all those sugary margs.

Heal Your: Muscles ~

Maybe you’re feeling the guilt-ridden urge to pound the pavement (or the bike or the bootcamp) in order to “redeem” yourself. Au contraire, Sakaralite! The last thing you need is extended cardio or to pump more cortisol through your bod  you don’t want to reverse those precious R&R vibes! Might we suggest you step away from the “no pain, no gain” mantras and lengthen and hug your body with a method slightly less tortuous? Some of our favorites for mornings-after rollicking and raucous nights include here, here or here.

Heal Your: Adrenals ~

Even if your trip had no itinerary, your body may have you feeling pulled in a million different directions. That’s because taking yourself out of your typical, beautiful AM rituals and replacing that with galavanting through exotic lands can play out as stress on your adrenal glands. When it comes to healing our adrenals and fighting off the 99 or more problems that come with cortisol (Weight gain! Bloat! Skin woes! Oh my...) we turn to adaptogens. Our favorite adaptogen right-this-very-second? Ashwagandha. It’s an easy one to throw in a morning green smoothie or atop Sakara dark chocolate granola. The benefits are undeniable: it helps to lower stress in the body, can help you ease out of post-holiday fatigue, and helps with brain function and clarity so that work isn’t too unbearable once you're back.

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