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Clear Your Mind, Clear Your Skin

Dear Sakaralites,

Are you ready to unravel, and shed, some of your deepest rooted beliefs around beauty and radiance?

The beauty industry is making major strides in beginning to shift away from chemical laden products and the pursuit of perfection. It's incredible. And we're now so often hearing, "Beauty begins within." But really, what does that even mean? It's like -- it sounds nice, you want to believe it, you want to feel it, yet somehow, it seems as elusive as as an owl dropping off your acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

I began getting acne four years ago. I tried everything; all the products, all the peels, all the dermatologists. Everything left my skin worse than before. And on top of that, my evening ritual consisted of playing operation on my face, except minus the squeals of laughter, and add in the cries of self-sabotage. Everyday, I wanted to feel better but didn't know how to. So I began reading. A lot. I began asking questions. A lot of them. I began going beyond the norm and diving underneath the surface to find out what really needed to be healed and how to heal it.

I stumbled across a book, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. Almost every sentence is underlined. It was a game changer: it was the moment I questioned everything I knew about health and wellness and began to learn that behind every dis-ease that manifests, stems a thought or emotion that has thrown the human body out of balance. My thoughts were what created these things. And when I got to the chapter on acne, it read, "Not accepting the Self. Dislike of the Self." Down the line, pimples were noted as "small outbursts of anger."

Brining it together, this new information led me to the understanding that not accepting myself and holding anger, from a psychoemotional and energetic standpoint, was causing acne and breakouts. I knew that I was not very accepting of myself, as I'd spent years steeped in eating disorders, which then turned into orthorexia, struggling with body image, and dealing with acne. But the anger...that part I couldn't figure out.

So I started doing the affirmations that Louise Hay recommended. Plot twist: this story is not going to end with, "I did the affirmations and my life changed and everything is sprinkles and rainbows now." I was so blocked up, that nothing was happening when the affirmations were said. Joy.

In 2014, I met Taylor Eyewalker, Amanda Bacon of Moon Juice Shop, and Guru Jagat of Ra Ma Institute, all within the same month. They were radiant, confident, beautiful, and successful. I thought, "Whatever they're doing, I want in." I noticed a connection between all the women I began meeting, who had some practice of Kundalini Yoga as a side to their radiance. So I too began practicing Kundalini Yoga, not for some esoteric or self-growth marathon, but if I'm being honest, because I just wanted clear skin.

In one class with Guru Jagat, she said something that brought me to the last few years of trying to figure out the anger piece of the puzzle: "Self-loathing, when turned inward, becomes inner-anger." Mic drop.

So there it was. I knew that anger disrupts the endocrine system, our delicate hormonal system that keeps our body healthy, radiant, and youthful. More women are experiencing more hormonal imbalance than ever before, and suddenly, it all began to make sense for me. As women, we're constantly told we're not good enough and we put an extremely unrealistic demand on ourselves to look better, feel better, be better. And yes, we have even begun to use health and wellness as another means to try to constantly improve on ourselves rather than going within and getting to know who we really are, and seeing that we are already amazingly perfect and whole, right now.

In my experience, I have found that this is where Kundalini Yoga and especially meditation become the most important ingredients to Healing. It's really hard to change the mind of thoughts that got us to where we are in the first place. We need and have sustainable tools that can help clear out the subconscious mind and all the beliefs we've stored in there about who we are, who we think we are, and how much we don't accept ourselves.

So, who would have thought that mediation would become our greatest beauty tool? My personal favorite is the Addictions Meditation which quickly clears out any addictive behaviors or thought patterns we have, which are causing us to experience our present reality, the good and the not so good. Personally, I feel it's a for-lifer, practiced daily for three minutes as your Rx to steering clear of negativity, within and without. However, give it a go for 40 consecutive days, set your timer for three minutes, and see how your world, within and without, begins to shift around you.

I believe in you. xo

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