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Goodbye Winter Body!

Over the course of the winter, we hunker down and add protective layers that help us weather the emotional and physical hardships of the season. Our bodies ask us to slow down, eat denser foods, and become more introverted. It’s a heavy, slow, oily and steady season, associated with earth and water, and thus is responsible for moistening the body including the joints, sinuses, muscles, and tissues.

Overtime, these qualities add up and become unbalanced in the body and mind, creating a tendency to be introverted, sedentary, beat, and weighed down with a drudging lack of motivation. When you a re able to regain balance of these attributes in your body, the spring season will help the positive attributes of loyalty, connection, patience, and steadfastness shine through like the sun. As the weather is warming and the seasons are changing, our bodies are still fighting to restore this critical balance. This is expressed physically in extra lingering weight, head colds, bloat, allergies and mentally in lethargy, sluggishness, and mentally dull tendencies.

The key is to create a space in your internal body through which energy can flow freely. To craft a routine that is rhythmic, that flows easily from the day to day, and that invites a lightening up of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, so that you can tap into these powerful feelings of strength, stability, confidence, and radical change.


Read on, babe, read on...

Everything starts with what you are putting into your body. As the season’s harvest changes, so should your diet. Invite in a sense of lightness and energy by increasing your intake of fresh greens and seasonal produce. Because of the excess amount of oily and dense properties of the winter, it is essential that you make the effort (even if there is a strong urge inside of you to resist it!) to eat more raw, dry, light foods. Foods that give you wings rather than weigh you down (think bird - not bear). Make an effort to amp up the foods that boost your internal fire (digestion) - foods high in fiber and easily digested plant protein - and to stick to 3 square meals a day with no snacking in between. This will increase your body’s ability to detoxify, boost your energy levels, and arm you with the discrimination to separate what is essential from nonessential, healthy from toxic, and even supportive from harmful.

As for movement and breath, your homework is simple: move and breathe more often and more consciously. Focus on practices in both that are cleansing and strengthening. Move and breathe in a way that clears out the space internally so that the energy in your body can move throughout. Fill that space with LOVE. Paired along with proper diet, you are on your way to clearing that winter body and filling it with light, warmth, and vigor; alertness, clarity, and fluidity.

Take this spring as an allocated time that has been gifted to you with the purpose of finding what makes you feel absolutely amazing. There are no set in stone rules or laws by which we need to follow other than the signals our bodies, minds, and spirits are sending. Spring is freedom, it’s liberation. It’s an experiment in how to best enhance and enrich your life in order to create the best you there is. Shed your winter layers, dance, play, eat, sleep with the season, and trust that you will soar.


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