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Everything You Need To Know About Pitta Season

Summertime is an amazing season. At the onset, it's easy to bathe in the energy it produces. Exhilaration and vitality are a natural result of the warmer weather as we find ourselves traveling more, spending time outside, being more social, playing games, and enjoying the beauty all around. Intuitively, this is the energy that is being given to us and we are responding under its influence.

Summer is also a true alchemist. Fire (or heat) is responsible for all metabolic processes in life. In Ayurveda, Summer is known as Pitta season, when the sun's fire and energy is at its peak, making the season a time of transformation, letting go and planting seeds for new beginnings. In nature, emissions from the sun are radiated and absorbed into the seeds and made into the energy that produces every leaf and blossom. To the sun, we are also seeds with the potential for full bloom. 

As the doshic energy of the current season increases, the same properties intensify within each of us, which is why it is important to know and understand so you can make the right lifestyle choices for optimal health.

One hot summer day after the next, although lots of fun, can start to take a toll, producing certain imbalances that often take hold of us unknowingly. A few examples include fatigue, a feeling of 'burn out' or 'losing steam', frustration, irritation, anger or resentments, digestive issues, ulcers, allergies, heartburn, burning eyes, eczema, acne, congestion, rosacea, rashes, sensitivity — fire flares and inflammation yields different types of conditions such as these. In particular, this season can aggravate our internal balance and emotions.

I want to help you capitalize on the transformational energy of the season and feel gorgeous in any heated situation. Here are my essentials for maintaining optimal health and balance during Pitta season:

~ Choose foods that are cool and light with sweet and bitter tastes.

~ Avoid foods that are spicy, red meat, citrus fruits, hard cheeses, tomato sauces, as well as excessive alcohol, salt, fried and fermented foods.

~ Exercise in morning before the heat of the day gets too intense and interferes with motivation.

~ Drink more water than usual. This is not to be underestimated. Water helps skin replenish hydration content lost from the sun. It also cools internal inflammations and supports metabolism. Cool or room temperature water is the best option.

~ Always apply sunscreen before going outside. I'm biased, but my Neem Rose Face Sunscreen is just perfect for summer: 100% natural, broad-spectrum 30 SPF, with cooling and hydrating herbs of Neem and Rose.

~ Protect your scalp. The long, hot days can have harsh effects on our scalp and hair. Hats can certainly be a creative option, but you can also massage your hair and scalp with brahmi or coconut oil before spending prolonged periods outdoors. This will deeply nourish follicles, promote healthy hair, hair growth, manageability, and guard against the sun.

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