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A Really Great Reason to Spend More Time in Front of the Mirror

To live in the modern moment means to participate in the battle of comparison. We are bombarded by curated images, news feeds, tweets and snaps that when woven together, portray an enviably put together and seemingly perfect experience. Side effects of the addictive lifestyle tracking of celebrities and strangers alike include feelings of personal inadequacy and insatiable jealousy.

How does one combat the saturation of images in the modern moment? How does one find solace in oneself despite a plaguing sense of lack? When modern technology and social media have become crucial to both business’s marketing success as well as connection to current affairs, is it possible to sustain personal contentment?

The answer: with work, yes. The work comes in the quiet moments when we find ourselves alone. When we actively choose to divorce from the buzzing, swiping, and tapping and rather, nestle in our own space with our own thoughts -- taking time to actually listen to the conversations we are having with ourselves. For many of us, it is not so much a discussion as it is a repeating narrative placed on repeat and set to run without interruption.

Despite these stories of lack that run rampant daily, we already have exactly what we need to dwell in a place of contentment. We need to put in the leg work, despite how uncomfortable it is at first, to acknowledge our own greatness. The simple fact that each of us is uniquely who we are is enough to celebrate, to give ourselves a hug and do a little happy dance at the fact that no one ever, past or future, will ever be the person we are. We are each rare and beautiful summations of universal energy and stardust -- what is there not to love about that?

When you are alone, make an effort to stand before yourself in the mirror. Choose to look at yourself until you can see yourself as momentous and amazing as your mother saw you when you were born. See if you can take the risk to compliment yourself until the discomfort slowly starts to give way to authentic self-love. This may take weeks or months to break through the walls of self-doubt and insecurity. But we have to try. If we can’t learn to fully love ourselves -- including all of the bumps, odd bits, and quirks -- how can we expect to love another or be able to receive another’s love fully?

When you look at yourself, concentrate on the characteristics of you that you have come to consider flawed or inadequate. Even if it feels disingenuine at first, imbue those parts of you with gratitude. Decide that in this moment you are going to shift your perspective from criticism to playful adoration. Challenge the status quo of feeling unworthy in your skin by being an advocate for radical self love.

It is imperative that when we find ourselves alone with our thoughts, that we actively work to be our own biggest fan. What we want to achieve, we are already on our way towards it. We have the power, strength, and full capability exactly as we are.

Radical Self-Love: For one week, upon waking up and before bed inject your day with gratitude. Write down one thing you are really excited about for the day ahead. Even if it is a small moment, bringing awareness to it allows you to ground down in the pleasure of being fully present. Similarly, before you go to sleep, on the same piece of paper write down the best part of you day -- something that made you smile. By collecting the nuggets of happiness over the course of your week, you’ll find yourself filling up with gratitude for the present moment. When gratitude inflates to fill your current experience, there is no room for self-doubt or negativity. Warning: symptoms of gratitude include relentless, radical, and uncompromising self-love.

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