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Body Talk: Amanda Farbish, Director Of Marketing

Welcome to Body Talk, an S-Life series for the month of February, where we will be fearlessly opening this portal of communication about self-love, self-deprecation, and touching on anything and everything in-between.

The aim here is not image-making, or perfection-seeking. Rather, it is image-wrecking, perfection-shattering, and infinite-purpose discovering in order to peel back the layers of the images we have each built of ourselves and who we are suppose to be, in faithful anticipation that we may unearth the absolute Love and Beauty that we have always been, and always will be. We each have unique bodies, and unique stories to tell. Here, we will be telling ours, in faith that you will be encouraged to tell yours. So without further hesitation, may we introduce to you, The #SakaraBodyTalk of:

Amanda Farbish, Marketing Director at Sakara Life


I feel the absolute worst in my body when I drink too much alcohol, and eat things that a beautiful little body is not supposed to. I have a stomach condition that really restricts what I can and cannot consume. It took me four very long years to really figure out where I was going wrong, and when I finally got diagnosed with Crohn's disease, my doctor was the first one to reiterate to me what an important role diet plays in stomach health. He assured me that changing my diet would wean me off my medication and change my life -- and completely change my life, it has! Though at the time, tears were brought to my eyes thinking about the fact that I couldn't eat out or enjoy NYC living any more. Shortly after my diagnosis, I started on steroids and went on the Fodmap Diet. By doing this, I definitely got less stomach aches, and it helped control flares ups. I also learned that there are so very many things that I still CAN eat. I don't follow Fodmap anymore, because eating Sakara every day has brought me into a very healing, comforting relationship with food. I no longer worry about how my meals may negatively affect me during the day -- I feel supported by fruits and veggies! And as long as my stomach isn't flaring, I can enjoy a nibble of nearly anything every now and again.amanda_bodytalk_sakaralife

Being educated about food is the most important thing -- know what makes you feel good, and what makes you feel super sick. Before my own education process, I was fully freaked out by food 24/7, because I never knew if what I was eating was going to leave me miserable, or finally feeling normal. Today, I feel best in my body when I take the time to listen to it. If I'm tired, I sleep! If I'm hungry, I eat! Waiting to eat is so not okay for me -- that is when my stomach begins to feel weird and cry out for nourishment. So, I try to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day, rather than skip meals or wait all afternoon until dinner. When I stop listening to what my body needs, I start to hurt. It took me quite a while to come to terms with this new form of inner-communication, and as I get older, I consciously make decisions to support my body's longevity, vs. whatever my friends or the Internet are trying to convince me to do late at night, or after work. 

When I look in the mirror, I often think: 'I love my butt!' I try to work out five to six days a week, and I'm proud of it! It puts me so intimately in touch with my own skin and energetic capabilities. Working out is better than a glass of wine (some days...). That's not to say things have always been this way -- they haven't. I've come a long way after suffering in the unknown. But today, the way I think about food is more related to its healing capabilities, not its sickening capabilities. I don't ever think, 'Oh this has too many calories, so I can't eat it today.' However, I must mention, I have a serious candy addiction. Anything overly sugared, or that has sprinkles, is my friend. I try not to eat it all too often, since, of course, high fructose is not ideal for the human body. However, this is my space to indulge!

I was a former marathon runner, and due to my stomach problems, I gave it up about a year ago. I loved the training aspect and the goals I watched myself achieve. But when running became something that made me sick rather than made me feel satisfied, I knew it was time to pick up a new hobby. Now, I love a good pilates and barre class. I find it really relaxing and easily toning. Before, I would have never wanted to admit this, but I will now proudly say, that running as much as I was affected stomach flares ups significantly. Constantly pushing the legs, knees, hips and upper body to those extremes can't be healthy long-term...


Generally, I don't easily gain weight because of my stomach condition. Generally, I easily lose weight. So I fully enjoy when I am not having a flare up and can squirrel some extra food until the next time that I do get sick and have to go on a more restrictive diet. Those times really....suck. My relationship with food is super emotional now, because I look to it as my savior -- as a way to survive, and to not have to be running to the bathroom all the time. Food is something that makes me really and truly happy and feel safe. I can't eat as much as I use to and be super gluttonous like I have been before, but I do enjoy trying new things. My fiancé is a huge foodie and it's really important to me that my limited diet doesn't restrict us from going out. For the last two years, he's made me try one bite of his food at every dinner we go to, even if it's something I didn't want to order. This has made me realize that I really do love a lot of funkier things! In middle school, I stopped eating meat simply because it didn't appeal to me. And 15 years later, believe it or not, I've learned to (kind of) enjoy Kobe Beef and Prosciutto!

I have always envied long legs on other women. I think that being tall is so incredible, because in my petite statue, all I can do is look up on my big heels and smile! If I were to meet my body for the first time, I would say, 'I love you dearly, and thank you thank you thank you for keeping me going in this crazy, busy life I live!'








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