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The Experience: I Saw The Future Of My Health In My Blood Cells

“You are a beam of light.”

That is the first thing the man with the microscope, nutritional microbiologist Rick Parsons, said to me during my live blood cell consultation. A few minutes beforehand, I had been ruminating over E3 Live and sprouted nuts at Live Live & Organic, just about the most California-esque raw shop in East Village of Manhattan (p.s. if you haven’t tried their Bee Yummy SkinFood, three-ish words that come to mind are: transformational, must-have, and YES). As I took a seat, Parsons explained why I am a beam of light (no, he wasn't just calling me radiant), illuminating how my DNA is a strong source of biophotons, a light particle that all living things emit. And that, according to him, in order to stay in the zone of optimal health, consuming liquid sun (aka chlorophyll) is essential.

So, why am I talking to this man about my radiance in the middle of a health shop in NYC?  

Because he's about to inspect my blood cells to give me a full breakdown of my health, and a peak into my future.

As Parsons soon taught me, the molecular structure of red blood cells and chlorophyll is exactly the same, except for the center atom: red has iron, chlorophyll has magnesium. Chlorophyll is a powerhouse of phytonutrients and calcium and paints the fauna of our planet that lovely greenish hue that we all get to enjoy. When consumed in abundance, chlorophyll acts as a blood builder, cellular cleanser and alkalizer. In other words...healthy red blood = lots of chlorophyll.

After painlessly pricking my finger, Parsons provided a pamphlet of what healthy red blood cells actually looks like: even, round, spaced apart and symmetrical. Then, he turned the page and showed me the 20 or so little tweaks in shape and groupings that can indicate nutritional discrepancies or deficiencies, and even foreshadowing disease. Though not diagnostic, the RBCs that may be stacked atop each other, or oddly shaped, can point to problems that could spell trouble for many of the bodily systems, especially the digestive tract (we just can’t escape from gut talk, can we??).

Our bodies (and blood) are weighed down by an incessant barrage of toxins, in many, many, many forms. Fortunately for us, the human body is equipped to handle most of these obstacles with grace, through its signature elimination processes. But when we neglect to support how these toxins are supposed to get out of the body, then everything we put in starts to ferment and (yuck) rots.

Enemy #1? Turns out it’s not the fumes from the taxis whirring past, but, in fact, carbonic acid. We’re holding onto too much carbon dioxide! Our blood NEEDS oxygen for circulation, purity, and bottom line: ultimate wellness. Throughout my appointment it was made crystal clear that intentional breathing and deep exhalation is a true cornerstone to achieving whatever health goal you have in mind. To demonstrate this further, Parsons took out a harmonica from his pocket and waled a blues-y jam right in the middle of the store, remarking that this instrument helps to train your breath like an athlete. You work out your muscles, but you've gotta work out your lungs too! Breathing also helps to alkalize the body, meaning your body remains at a pH closest to water (we are 75% water, after all!). If our bodies are a fishbowl, and the blood is “the river of life”, we need to strive to keep the water more like the Greek island coast than pond water.

Solution #1? Parsons instructed that consuming 1 oz of ionized water per pound of your weight is the ideal way to encourage elimination and hydrate cells daily. And when it comes to balancing the the acidity in my body, all of the tools for healing are easily in my grasp, and simply require a return to a baseline of greenery, water, inhales and exhales. While inside our bodies lives a complex web of biochemical processes, the building blocks of our very beings require simple methods to stay thriving: breathing, water, natural salt, and healthy, delicious, skin-plumping fats.

It’s amazing to be able to grasp, at the cellular level, that our bodies know how to work, heal themselves and beam with vitality. Like Elle Woods said in Legally Blonde, “...you have all the tools, you just have to read the manual.” I now know the manual can be accessed, at any moment, with a simple aaaaah.

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